Afri Intermart’s story

Afri Intermart Foods & Beverages is a black-owned and family- owned Houston based food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale company supplying Texans with refreshing irresistible taste of natural ginger and sorrel drinks as well as other foods and beverages. 

Since 2021, Afri Intermart (AIM) has been pioneering fresh ginger  juice and sorrel or sobolo juice in Houston Texas. During the 2019 pandemic many consumers turned to natural remedies, especially immune boosters, such as sorrel drink also known as sobolo, zobo, ginger-bissap, or hibiscus drink. This was a wake-up call for the CEO of Afri Intermart to unleash his refreshing and healthy recipes to the consumers in Texas.

The CEO and founder of Afri Intermart Foods & Beverages, Vincent Adomolga, a Ghanaian native and a Public Health Epidemiologist based in the US has long been drinking ginger and sorrel drinks in Ghana routinely as a healthy habit. He brought this healthy lifestyle with him to the US and has since been serving these healthy and delicious drinks to families and friends at parties and other events. By popular demand from friends and African supermarkets as well as Vincent’s willingness to unleash these refreshing flavors to the public, Afri Intermart Foods & Beverages was born in 2021 in Houston, Texas and has since been the #1 most popular brand of ginger and sorrel drinks in Texas, available in most popular African Supermarkets in Houston and surrounding cities.

 From the start, Afri Intermart has been committed to offering the most delicious  ginger & sorrel or sobolo drinks made from fresh and natural ingredients including fresh ginger root, lemon, tamarind, cloves, hibiscus leaves and a combination other natural ingredients. “We are blessed to have our beverages in several popular African and Asian supermarkets and restaurants in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Arlington, Maryland and other cities in Texas with the goal to expand to other states by the grace of God and diligent work“. 

Afri Intermart ginger and sobolo or sorrel drinks are known by many consumers as Texas #1 thirst quencher due to the unique refreshing and irresistible taste. Most residents in Houston also count on Afri Intermart to cater for their events by ordering wholesale ginger and sorrel drinks for African and Caribbean parties or events. Afri Intermart ginger and sorrel drinks are good for the summer, winter and all seasons and events. 
“Your satisfaction is our pride. Visit any of our retail African supermarkets and restaurants in Houston and treat yourself with  Afri Intermart ginger and sorrel drinks, the refreshing taste you have been thirsting for. You can also become a retailer today and see more consumers rush to your supermarket or restaurant for these delicious drinks”.

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Looking for that unique refreshing and spicy taste, you are at the right place. Afri Intermart ginger and sorrel drinks have a great combination of natural recipes that will satisfy your taste bug and quench your thirst.

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