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Afri intermart ginger drink- 16 oz

Authentic African Recipe: Drawing inspiration from traditional Ghanaian recipes, Afri Intermart Ginger Drink captures the authentic essence of African culture. Our unique blend of ginger and other natural ingredients ensures an exotic and delightful flavor profile that transports consumers to the heart of Africa with every sip.


Calling all Texas retailers! Elevate your beverage selection with Afri Intermart’s irresistible Ginger and Zobo drinks, guaranteed to delight customers and drive sales


Discover the exquisite taste of Afri Intermart’s Zobo drinks, the best in Texas! Crafted with authentic African flavors, our refreshing beverages are a delightful fusion of tradition and excellence.”


Welcome to Afri Intermart Foods & Beverages, a family-owned and African-owned ginger juice manufacturing company in Houston, Texas! Afri Intermart is more than just a business; we are a legacy rooted in tradition and love. Our journey began with a profound passion for health and wellness, and a desire to share the incredible benefits of ginger and sorrel / hibiscus drinks with the world; especially, during the 2019 pandemic.

Since 2021, Afri Intermart has been pioneering the ginger and sorrel/sobolo/zobo/hibiscus space in Texas and has become the preferred brand among the numerous ginger and sorrel brands out there.
Handcrafted with care and using only the finest ingredients, our ginger and sorrel beverages are a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. It is no wonder most customers in Texas refer to Afri Intermart ginger and sorrel drinks as the ‘’ #1 thirst quencher in Texas”. By choosing Afri Intermart ginger and sorrel drinks, you’re not just supporting a small business; you’re becoming a part of our family and helping us make a positive impact in our community. Join us on this flavorful adventure, as we sip our way to a healthier and happier future together.





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Spice up your Texas gatherings with our zesty Ginger and Sorrel drinks! Bursting with flavor, it’s the perfect blend of tangy and refreshing. Quench your thirst with a Texan twist today! Order now and enjoy the bold taste of Afri Intermart ginger and sorrel / sobolo drinks.

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“Customers keep coming to our supermarket for Afri Intermart Ginger and Sorrel Drinks.”
Store manager - Houston, Texas
“There’s no other way to start my day! I take a bottle of Afri Intermart Sobolo / Zobo drink at work each day".
Happy customer - Houston, Texas.
“I can't enjoy my jollof rice or fufu without consuming Afri Intermart Ginger Drink!”
Happy customer - Dallas, Texas.

Afri Intermart’s zesty and spicy taste of ginger perfectly complements the richness of pepper soup, enhancing its overall flavor profile. Similarly, the natural tangy sweetness of zobo drink balances the spiciness of the soup, making every sip an enjoyable experience. Ask for Afri Intermart’s Ginger & Zobo Drink the next time you visit any African Food Store or Restaurant in Houston, Texas. We are next to none with our unbeatable flavors. 


Indulge in the perfect pairing: Afri Intermart’s refreshing ginger and zobo drink complements Jollof rice’s rich flavors. Savor the delicious combination for a delightful taste experience like no other! Grab Afri Intermart’s Ginger & Zobo Drinks from most Top Notch African Food Stores & Restaurants in Texas. We are deliciously the best.