Natural, Fresh & Irresistible Taste

“Customers keep coming back for Afri Intermart Ginger & Sorrel Drinks ”

- ‘Feedback From Retail Stores in Texas' -

ginger drink

Afri Intermart 16 oz ginger drink comes loaded with a great combination of natural ingredients that will satisfy your taste bug.  Become a retailer or order for your special event or party. Free delivery within certain miles in Houston. 

#1 sorrel drink

Afri Intermart 16 oz Sorrel drink is made from natural hibiscus leaves, raw ginger, cloves and other natural ingredients. This drink is good for all seasons and occasion. Best served chilled. Become a retailer order for your special event. 

#1 ginger drink

Most Texans refer to Afri Intermart ginger drink as Texas #1 Thirst Quencher. Try this drink and you will surely come for more. Order for parties or special events

16 oz Afri Intermart Ginger Drink - Wholesale & Retail

Available in African Supermarkets & Restaurants in Texas. Afri Intermart Foods & Beverages is a black-owned and family- owned Houston based food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale company supplying Texans with refreshing irresistible taste of natural ginger and sorrel drinks as well as other foods and beverages.

Fresh Ginger & Sorrel Drinks

Commercially made In Houston Texas

Irresisible Taste

Texas #1 Thirst Quencher

Juice catering 
for any event

We cater for big events such as weddings, birthday parties, business conferences, picnics and many more. Call (832) 679 0381 today to make a reservation. 2 -7 days production turnaround time. Free delivery within certain miles in Houston Texas.

Feel the juicy love from our consumers

“I love Afri Intermart Ginger drinks simply because of the unique refreshing and spicy taste!"
consumer from Houston.
“I drink Afri Intermart ginger drink before and after eating my fufu and pepper soup!"
Consumer from Dallas.
“My customers keep rushing to my store for Afri Intermart Sorrel or Sobolo drinks!”
African Supermarket Manager